Driving to Enzian Hotel – Mt Buller

Mt Buller is a food three and a half hour drive from central Melbourne so it’s good to break up the driving by sharing the drive and stopping at some of the spots on the way.

The drive from the South Eastern suburbs takes you through some great little towns, Yarra Glen, Yea and Yarck each with their own unique character.

Yarck is a great spot to stop and stretch the legs. It also has some very good produce stores and excellent cafes. Bucks Country Bakehouse have some of the best pies in the area. The Giddy Goat Café with its highly eclectic atmosphere, is always worth a stop and a laugh.

Further down the road you’ll go through the little town of Bonnie Doon famous for the film “The Castle” a few years back the house that was featured in the film came up for sale. The real estate agent had many calls from people saying, “You’re dreaming”! when they asked the price.  The local gas station always has the cheapest fuel in the area and they also have alpine diesel which has an additive so that your fuel doesn’t freeze up in the cold.

Then you’ll arrive at Mansfield, I recommend buying your food supplies there and to have them sent up via Buller Freight. The cost is only $8 and much easier than taking them up the mountain and cheaper than having to buy them on Mt Buller. It is tempting to rent some ski gear there but not worth the hassle of carrying it all up the mountain.

As you leave Mansfield you get your first view of Mt Buller. That’s the big mountain with snow on it in the distance. Further down the road you’ll come to the little town of Merrijig, call into the Merrijig Motor Inn and they’ll sort you out with chains for your vehicle, they’ll even give you a discount if you say Enzian sent you.

From there it’s a short drive to the base of Mt Buller where you’ll find the resort entry point. This is where you pay to enter the resort, smart people book online which saves you 20% resort entry, parking and taxi from the overnight parking. You’ll find the link here Resort Entry

Once you’re on the way up make sure you visit the gnomes that reside in one of the trees on the way up. There’s a sign before it to watch out for gnomes crossing the road. Good fun for the kids and a great photo stop.

Once you get near the top you’ll see a blue flashing box and no it’s not the Tardis. Jimmy and Max will sort you out for where you need to park. Once parked call the taxi (5719 2008) or if you are lucky there will be one waiting to take you up to Enzian Hotel.