Things to pack for a snow trip

I often get asked “What do I need to bring with me to enjoy my snow trip?”

These are the must haves. Sunglasses, the extra glare created by the sun reflecting off the snow can be harsh and going from a bright area to a dull area can leaved you blinded.

Ski goggles are a must to stop snow getting into your eyes and protect against glare. Prices vary greatly but essentially you get what you pay for however for kids I recommend the inexpensive ones at the Grocer here at Mt Buller.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm (even if it is cloudy).  The reflection from the snow plus the high altitude makes sunburn and windburn highly likely even on overcast days. Believe me there is nothing worse than burnt lips. Not even a cold beer will sooth them.

Waterproof footwear. I have two pairs, one pair of Goretex boots and a pair of Goretex runners. Regular runners will get wet and soak through very quickly.  Gumboots provide little warmth and have a large opening at the top which allows snow to get in and soak socks. Bootchains for your shoes will give you extra safety especially on icy evenings.

Thick socks at least three pairs if one pair gets wet you’ll have spare to change into.

Waterproof Snow Sports Jacket & Pants. Regular pants will get wet and make you cold. 

Helmet for snow sports, this is a must to protect yourself, this is especially so for beginners.

Mobile phone with the ski patrol number.

Beanie and Scarf or neck warmer to stop the cold getting inside your jacket.

Waterproof Gloves, don’t tuck jacket sleeve into gloves as this will allow water to flow down your jacket straight into your glove.  I have two pairs in case the first pair gets wet inside.

Layered clothing, thermal underwear or long sleeve shirt, leggings or long pants under waterproof clothing will keep you warmer.

Snacks and drinks to keep your energy stores up.

Waterproof Bag for storing spare clothing items, snacks, camera or discarded clothing layers.

Lift ticket on your left hand side. Best place in a sleeve pocket away from your phone and wallet which may interfere with the RFID gates. Pre-purchasing them on line will save you time and money. Or contact us at Enzian as we have discounted adult lift passes available.